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Prismatech, founded in 2008, is one of the leading manufacturers of measurement instrumentation devices for industrial process control and management in Iran. Using the state-of-the-art technologies and specialists, we provide efficient process solutions for various industrial measurements including concentration (Brix), liquid conductivity, volumetric flow, mass flow, density, and finally temperature. Our customers come from various industries including chemical, food & beverage, life sciences, power & energy, mining, minerals & metals, oil & gas and water & wastewater. High quality, lower prices, customization, and long time after-sales services are the key reasons for our customers that trust us.


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Leading company in Iran
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Our customers

Prismatech in industries

Food, dairy and beverage

Providing flowmeter, refractometer and conductivity meters of factories in Mehram, Kale, Mihan, Pegah, Tabiat, Zamzam, Sabah, Zarnam

Machine manufacturing

Supplying flowmeter, refractometer and conductivity meter of Koosheshkaran Machinery Manufacturing, Shargh Sanat, Fan Gostran, Negar Taimaz, Behsaz Mashin and Tadbir Andisheh Farasan


Supplying conductivity meter and flow meter to Ben Da Fraver, Kitotek, Nano Kimia Kavir Pharmaceuticals in Yazd


Supplying flowmeters and refractometers for Mobarakeh Steel, Sepahan Steel, Kaveh Steel and Tikmeh Dash industries


Supplying electromagnetic flowmeter and benchtop refractometer of Derakhsh Shimi Industrial Ammonia and Afroz Shimi Lark factories

Sugar and Cane

Supplying flowmeters and refractometers for Piranshahr sugar, Naqsh Jahan sugar, Shirvan sugar, Karun agriculture and industry and Dabal Khazai agriculture and industry

Oil, gas and petrochemical

Supplying conductivity meter for Fajr Jam Refinery


Supplying conductivity meter, refractometer and flame photometer of Sharif University of Technology, Isfahan University of Technology, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Urmia and Mohaghegh Ardabili University
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