Refractometers are used as an efficient tool for measuring the concentration of various substances in a solution. They can be used in laboratories to measure the concentration of sampled materials or inline for real-time monitoring of the concentration of industrial liquids. PTR100_cpt is an inline compact refractometer which directly connects to the main piping. Moreover, it can be used in both clear and opaque liquids. The head and sensor processing units of the device are in the same unit. PTR100 is fully calibrated and also temperature-compensated. Measured signals are available in different units such as Brix or nD. Apart from local display of the measured signals on the LCD of the device, they can be sent to the central controllers such as PLCs or DCSs using analog 4-20 mA current signal or through Modbus RTU RS485 communication protocol.


  • Automatic concentration control using PID controller with analog output current in the range of 4–20 mA or 0–20 mA
  • Automatic temperature calibration for precise measurement of concentration
  • Various output signals: analog current, relay digital outputs, Modbus RTU
  • Robust against environmental electrical noises, mechanical vibration, dust and humidity (IP67)
  • Robust against Clearing In Place (CIP) using acidic and alkaline substances
  • Head material options: Stainless Steel AS316, Titanium, PTFE
  • Prism material: high reliable Sapphire
  • Store and recover measured data in the last few months
  • After sale services for installation, operation, and calibration
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