The PTRP Prismatech refractometers are fully automatic portable digital refractometers with the highest level of accuracy of their kind. They are designed with a wide measurement range, measurement temperature range, and highest measurement accuracy, which are suitable for multiple sample types; such as measuring oils and fats with high melting points, aroma oils of high refractive index and organic solvents, meeting demands for high accuracy measurements. They also have a built-in Peltier thermo module for maintaining a constant sample temperature while taking measurements.


  • PTRP100
  • PTRP_U_S100: clinical portable refractometer


  • Prism material: Sapphire with high robustness against mechanical and thermal stresses, scratch, and corrosion
  • Head material: Stainless Steel AS316L
  • Automatic temperature regulation of the sampled material
  • Five various optional user units such as Brix and nD
  • Auto power off and power management abilities to reduce the power consumption of the device
  • USB Communication protocol
  • Store and recover measured data in Excel files up to 6000 samples
  • 0.001 sg absolute accuracy in measuring the specific gravity of urine in the range of 1.000 up to 1.060
  • Protein measurement in serums in the range of 0 up to 12 g/dl
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