Fitting on any workspace, BPTR100 benchtop refractometer determines refractive index, degrees Brix, or user-defined liquid concentrations quickly and accurately. These refractometers are user-friendly and easy to control, and they provide accurate concentration measurements for almost all types of industrial liquids. Using complicated digital signal processing algorithms programmed in high reliable microprocessors, guaranteed precise readings are always obtained. One of the outstanding advantages of BPTR100 benchtop refractometer is its ability to automatically regulate the temperature of the sampled liquids in desired temperatures. Therefore, readings will be reported in desired temperatures.


  • Prism material: Sapphire with high robustness against mechanical and thermal stresses, scratch, and corrosion
  • Head material: Stainless Steel AS316L
  •  Automatic temperature regulation of the sampled material
  • Various optional units such as Brix and nD
  • Communication protocols: USB and Modbus RTU
  • Direct communication to printers in order to print the recorded data
  • Robust against Clearing In Place (CIP) using acidic and alkaline substances
  • Store and recover measured data in Excel files up to 6000 samples
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.All rights reserved