Magfill filling flowmeter

Filling flowmeters are one of the inseparable elements of most industries, especially food and beverage industry. Using filling flowmeters, specific amount of products is poured (sorted) in bottles. For this reason, fast and accurate flowmeters are required. Magfill is an electromagnetic flowmeter designed based on the state-of-the-art technologies to meet the requirements in filling applications. These flowmeters are highly accurate and repeatable, and can be used in filling, batching dosing, and CIP/SIP processes. They also offer high temperature operation up to 150 C. Finally, Magfill provides Modbus RTU communication. Hence, it is possible to make an industrial network consisting of about 200 Magfill flowmeters.


  • Lining material: AL2O3
  • Electrode material: Titanium
  • Body material: Stainless Steel 304
  • Using 32-bit microprocessor and 24-bit ADC converters in order to reach optimal measurement accuracy
  • Robust against environmental electrical and mechanical noises
  • Provide automatic control (there is no need for other controllers)
  • Dust and damp protection: IP68
  • Ability to measure flow in direct and reverse flows
  • Robust against acidic and alkaline corrosive substances
  • Temperature operation up to 150 C
  • Modbus RTU communication
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