Inline Conductivity Meter PTCond

PTCond is a uniquely designed industrial-grade inline conductivity sensor that offers greatly improved range, accuracy and stability with anti-interference capabilities. A built-in transmitter supports digital signal communication using Modbus RTU RS485 protocol, designed to simplify on-site installation, calibration and operation. PTCond contains four electrodes allowing the sensor to be less prone to fouling and deposition. This sensor maintains conductivity accuracy and precision – without the need of frequent calibrations – within a 1.5% µS/cm.


  • Fast, accurate and reliable measurement
  • Support Modbus RTU RS485 protocol in order to communicate with central controllers such as PLCs
  • It can be used in Clear-In-Place (CIP) processes to control the amount of Acidity and alkalinity
  • Robustness against environmental electrical and mechanical noises
  • It can be used in almost all industrial solutions
  • It can be installed on both pipes and tanks
  • Support customization according to the user requirements
  • One year guarantee and ten years afterـsale services
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.All rights reserved