Benchtop Conductivity Meter BPTCond

کانداکتیویتی متر آزمایشگاهی BPTCond عکس 2

Conductivity meters measure the electrical conductivity of aqueous solutions. Benchtop conductivity meters are typically used in hyrdoponic and aquaculture settings, but can be found in almost any laboratory environment. BPTCond benchtop conductivity meter can have a conductivity range of 0.001 uS/cm to 1000 mS/cm or greater, and offer automatic temperature compensation. Particular features include high reproducibility, calibration reminders, multiple calibration points, and generous data storage.

کانداکتیویتی متر آزمایشگاهی BPTCond عکس 3
کانداکتیویتی متر آزمایشگاهی یا هدایت سنج آزمایشگاهی BPTCond عکس 1


  • 4 inch LCD display
  • Standard and tough head from stainless steel AS316L
  • Automatic multiple point calibration
  • Automatic auto range
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Store and recover measured data in Excel files up to 6000 samples
  • USB Communication protocol
  • Conductivity measurement of all edible and industrial salts
  • Conductivity measurement in wastewater treatment process
  • Vinegar concentration measurement in pickles industry
  • Water hardness measurement in air conditioning systems and also boilers
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